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Nick  Cotton



April 27

  • Added a docs page to document how the site it built and structured.

April 26

  • Added a back-to-top link for a11y purposes. It should appear after scrolling some distance down a page if your browser supports css scroll driven animations, otherwise it will always show.

April 25

April 12

  • Added a blogroll to the blog.

April 8

  • Added a GitHub Action to run some playwright tests on every pull request to the site (yes I do PRs to my own site). Very simple for now (it literally checks that the homepage has my name in the title) but as I build them out this will give me the confidence I'm not breaking things unexpectedly.

April 7

  • Added main nav items inline instead of behind a burger menu which removed a lot of annoying code.

April 6

  • Added a new meta page to keep info about how the site is put together. Links out to the changelog and todo pages.
  • Added a new sticky footer which takes some of the less important links out of the header nav. Also I like the effect of both the header and footer being sticky, with the content kind of above.

April 4