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Nick  Cotton


Hardware, Tech & Gadgets

  • 14-inch 2023 MacBook Pro
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Canon EOS 500D

Code Editor & Terminal

  • I begrudgingly use VS Code but would secretly love to use Nova. I go back and try it every so often. Sublime Text holds a special place in my heart, as does BBEdit and TextMate.
  • iTerm2. I've tried a bunch of terminals but this one still holds up for me. As with all terminals, it needs a bit of help to make it yours. I'll do an article about it.
  • Colour Theme: Ayu Mirage

Mac Apps

  • I've been using a few of the up and coming browsers, specifically Arc and Orion. Both great for different reasons, though it seems like Arc is moving a lot faster and a bit more experimentally (is that good?).
  • Things. A+ Mac app.
  • Hyperkey. Turn your caps lock key into a new shortcut key. Great for enabling system-wide shortcuts.
  • Eagle for collecting inspiration and ideas. I'd kill for a Mac-assed Mac app that does this job. RIP LittleSnapper.
  • CleanShot X. Everything I ever wanted in a screenshot app.
  • Itsycal. Perfectly minimal menubar calendar. Links directly to video calls.
  • stts. Menubar app to keep track of the status of various sites/services. A godsend when everything is going wrong.
  • 1Password. Just. I found the recent redesign pretty trying at first but it's improved since then. Does the job.
  • Amphetamine. Stop your display from sleeping.
  • PixelSnap. Measure stuff on screen. Switched to this from xScope, which has a few more bells and whistles.
  • Alfred. A mainstay of the last 10 years and the first thing I install on any new Mac. I use the snippets and clipboard history features constantly.
  • GoodLinks. A read-later and link saving app. I've tried them all and so far, this is clicking for me.
  • Mimestream. This has made email (GMail) bearable for me again. I've wanted an email client I can navigate fully with the keyboard for years.
  • Cron. Trying this out. Desperately need to sort out my approach to calendars.
  • Screen Studio. Takes screen recordings to the next level. An easy way to impress your co-workers.